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Jennifer Estep Q&A:

1) Will there be more from Mab Monroe’s family tree?

JE: As of right now, I don’t have any plans to bring in anyone else from Mab’s family, but if the right story idea or character came along, I would consider it. I do think it would be fun to do a novella from the point of view of someone connected to Mab. So we’ll see what happens as Gin’s story progresses and I write more in the Elemental Assassin series.

2) Is it possible that Finn has a half sibling somewhere?

JE: Anything is possible, but as of right now, I don’t have plans to give Finn a sibling. I think he is plenty interesting enough all on his own. LOL.

3) What is Gin’s hope for the future? I mean, she takes classes, she loves to run the Pork Pit…I just feel like fighting crime may not be her end game.

JE: I think Gin is a little torn about that. On one hand, I think that she just wants to run her restaurant, hang out with her friends and family, and have a normal life. On the other hand, I think that she knows that she has found her calling battling bad guys and helping people who can’t help themselves. So maybe the goal for her should be striking the right balance between those two things.

4) Could Gin ended up working for Ashland PD along with Bria?

JE: At this point, I don’t see that happening, but I’ll never say never.

5) Why doesn’t Bria have the same powers as Gin? How are the elemental powers transmitted (From mom to child, or father to child or both?) Why didn’t Finn inherit his mother’s elemental power?

JE: Bria has her mother’s Ice magic, whereas Gin got both their mother’s Ice magic as well as their father’s Stone power.
I tend to think of magic as sort of like a genetic or family trait. So if one parent has blue eyes and one parent has brown eyes, the kids could have either blue eyes or brown eyes, but if both parents have blue eyes, then the kids will most likely have blue eyes too. So depending on what kind of magic their parents have, the kids could get magic, get only part of it, or not get any o fit at all, which is why Finn didn’t get his mother’s elemental power.
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Publisher: Pocket Books
Price: $7.99
Release date: April 25, 2017
ISBN: 9781501142277

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  1. duskrider3740 says:

    Great post, I can’t wait for this book! The thing I love most about Gin is her ability to see through the bull crap and fight for what matters most to her, which is what also makes her such a Kick-ass heroine!

  2. Al Smith says:

    Very excited about the new book, but I have been doling out the last few so I have a little reading to do to get to it. I just wish some of my favorite series could go on forever. lol!!

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