A Country Boy by M.A. Church

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macA Country Boy: by M.A. Church
Series: States of Love
Release Date: November 9th, 2016
Pages: 118 • Format: eARC
Published By: Dreamspinner
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Hot damn, what more could a country boy want? Bass Pro Shop is finally opening in Tennessee. Nick plans to check out all twelve indoor acres chock-full of hunting, fishing, and boating in the Memphis Pyramid on the Mississippi River.

City boy Sandy wonders yet again how he let himself get talked into attending a grand opening for a hick hunting store. His geeky heart prefers the energy of the city. Little does he know all that is going to change due to a freakishly tall glass elevator—and Nick, the high-school crush who’s suddenly taking a second look at him.

A moment of panic while trapped in the elevator leads to a spark neither expected. Getting out is the least of the challenges they’ll face if they want to try to put their differences aside and find out if love is possible between a city boy and a country boy.

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.


A Country Boy is a sweet cheesy romance, featuring two old acquaintances that meet after thinking of one another for five years. I wanted to call them enemies to lovers, but its not quite that seeing as Nick “protected” nerdy Sandy in high school. Except the last incident forced Nick to out himself and among all of that he kinda lashed out at Sandy. I do felt like they were harboring over the incident for too long in the story. It was 5 years ago, and it wasn’t even a lash out. I don’t feel like an expressive face is enough to hold a grudge against somebody for so long. I just didn’t understand how Sandy could not even feel bad for Nick.

This was cheesy goodness that I like reading about nonetheless. It was cliched, low-angst, and super cute at times. I do think Nick tried really hard in reeling Sandy in. He wanted to prove that he’s changed and to give him a shot. I thought it was nice that they both had crushes on each other and was able to develop some sort of feelings with letting their past go. Yeah, Sandy took longer, and I still don’t quite get it but I did like that he could see himself with Nick.

It was a few plot holes in the story that I felt should have been answered by the end. I mean, if making Lonnie “Skype chat” was such a big deal, then why not reveal who was behind it? I just think that’s a little stupid unless we plan on getting Lonnie’s book. I’m sure everyone thinks it’s Houston. It was super obvious. I was able to put my eye rolls down to a minimum for this cheesy book, and I liked it well enough. Overall, I liked Nick & Sandy together.

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