Balancing Act by K. Vale

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30282349Balancing Act by K. Vale
Series: Shooting Stars, Book Four
Release Date: June 27, 2016
Pages: • Format: eARC
Published By: Liquid Silver Books
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Greg Dwyer and Kyrie Li are living the glorious couple life in New York City. Or are they? When struggling actor Kyrie lands a modeling job, he’s ecstatic to have extra cash to spend on his best-friend-turned-boyfriend.

Of course, Greg is suspicious Anders Berglund, the gorgeous and androgynous Swedish cover model the designers love to pair with Kyrie, is after his man. And maybe Kyrie encourages a growing closeness with the guy?

Greg is probably to blame if Kyrie is drawn to the openly gay and seriously beautiful Andy. With Andy, Kyrie can be himself, as loud and proud as he’s always been. But Greg’s sexuality stays firmly locked in the closest except when he’s with Kyrie’s supportive family or alone with the man he loves.

To make matters worse, Greg’s out-of-touch mom meets with financial ruin and moves in with the couple, forcing him into the closet in his own home.

Can Greg find a way to stand up to Mommy Dearest and win back a love he fought so hard to reach? He discovers the road to pride begins at home and with accepting oneself first. Otherwise, it’s just a dead-end street.


I’ve enjoyed this series so far to date. I jumped on a chance to read Kyrie & Greg’s second book. They are not living together after fighting their feelings to one another. Up in New York Kyrie is still Kyrie. He’s working on his acting, but gets the chance to model with a well known fashion model. I loved Andy and can’t wait for his book. Greg is being supportive as best as he knows how to. I wanted to smack Greg a billion of times in this book. His jealously, the disrespect to Kyrie, and his overall Bitchassness.

Yes I called him out on it. No I didn’t want him to out his self when he wasn’t ready, but to minimize your relationship with Kyrie and make him feel insignificant because your wacko mother in in town is a no no. You don’t even like her, and yeah I know she’s birth you but Kyrie is a special man to put up with all of Greg’s flaws. I do like them together, but I feel like they bring the best out of each other.

To the plot that was in the story was a little OTT, but I dealt with it. I did enjoy the story alot. I can read about these two forever. I did get happy with Greg in the end. I mean everything had to happen on his own terms and I’m glad Kyrie was adult enough to let them play out even if he was mad and disappointed. I feel like we should get another book for them based on the events at the end. I’m happy with Andy’s story being next, but a novella for these two will definitely suffice!

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