Bender by Gene Gant

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BenderLGBender by Gene Gant
Release Date: June 16, 2016
Pages: 86 • Format: eARC
Published By: Harmony Ink Press
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A Harmony Ink Press New Adult title appropriate for ages 16+

Nineteen-year-old Mace Danner is a college freshman—and a male prostitute. He specializes as a submissive-for-hire to dominant clients. Mace has never experienced any erotic longings, but his profession satisfies much darker needs. He believes he deserves the abuse because he was responsible for the death of his brother. When ill-treatment at the hands of customers isn’t penance enough, Mace turns to the bottle, hoping to drink away the demons still plaguing him.

RA Dex Hammel doesn’t like the road he sees Mace going down, and he offers his help before it’s too late. There’s no denying the chemistry between the two young men, but a lingering lack of physical desire continues to confuse and upset Mace. He seems set on destroying himself, and Dex might not be able to save him.


Trigger warning:Physical Assault

So I’ve read a previous book by this author and loved it. I’m okay with the no sex on page and I love the cover. This was a little heavier then I thought it would be. Mace is a 19 year old who decided to sale his body for money. I’m almost certain he didn’t need to do it. Yeah he’s a college student and they have bills, and his parents had to move to Springfield, but he could have gotten another job. His reasoning for selling his body all was internally. He didn’t get sexual gratification from sex. He doesn’t even get an erection during these times. No with his clients he gets the humiliation and degradation that he needs to live on. He is suffering from an enormous about of guilt surrounding his brother’s death. Mace hasn’t dealt with it. It’s as if he’s just floating by in the world. He has no friends, he keeps communication between his parents to a minimum. He’s an empty vessel in fact.

Along the way he meets Dex one of his resident advisers. I like Dex, but certain actions of his or his words confounded me. I mean, Mace explained some things, and went through some thing and you get frustrated about his performance. I was perturbed by that big time. He turned me off, and yeah I was able to forgive him. Mace went through a brutal attack that seriously pissed me off since one of his attackers was their at every corner he turned. I was so mad. It made me emotional because he couldn’t escape and I’m so happy that he sought out help before his harmed himself. Not only is he dealing with this guilt, but he’s dealing with his sexuality. He’s never been attracted to people sexually. It fact he doesn’t get an erection ever outside of his normal facilities. I do like the fact that he was able to get help and talk to someone. I’m not okay with the physical violence in the story, but it’s life things happened. I swear I wish he would have reported it, but I know where he was coming from. I do like the author’s style of story telling, and can’t wait for more from him.

About Gene Gant

‘m Tennessean by birth, a resident of Memphis for most of my life. I tried living in a few northern cities after graduating from college, but I couldn’t take the brutal winters, and I missed good ol’ southern barbecue. Now I make my home on a country lane outside of Memphis. When I’m not reading, working out, watching movies or spending time with family and friends, you can find me tapping away at my computer.

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