Blog Feature: The Soul Painter by Dicey Grenor (a novella)

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Title: The Soul Painter
Author: Dicey Grenor
Format: Ebook
Publish Date: June 24, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance, short story (6500 words), interracial couple, bwwm
Price: FREE to $.99

  “The gift of seeing souls is a burden only one can bear.”

Blurb: A bestselling author gets the invitation of a lifetime to an exclusive convention, where she meets her celebrity crush. His magical artistic abilities capture her soul and change her life forever.

DescriptionWhen a bestselling author gets the invitation of a lifetime to an exclusive convention, she’s most excited about the opportunity to meet her celebrity crush. While she’s only looking for a good time, his magical artistic abilities will capture her soul and change her life forever. 
TeaserI didn’t think you were going to come,” Chaos whispered in my ear as he slid closer to me on the seat, “since I wouldn’t paint your portrait.”
I better come. You better see to it that I do.” My eyes twinkled in the darkness with the devilishness of sexual innuendo and an ultimatum: Be good at this or else.
Thunder and lightning roared and crackled around us as we rode down the winding, narrow road. The storm outside had no bearing on the storm raging in my body. Neither did the fact that our driver, Mr. Montei, did not raise the partition to give us privacy. When Chaos’s hand traveled down the waist of my leather pants and sought the delicate flesh between my legs with purpose and skill, I knew “being good” would be no problem for him. I was so turned on already. It would take five, ten minutes top for me to climax. I spread my legs further and arched my back. The heel of his hand pressed down on my clit.
Make that thirty, forty seconds top.
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About Dicey Grenor

Dicey Grenor is a wife, mother, attorney, and fearless writer, who tackles complex, taboo subjects from the perspective of quirky, compelling characters. She frequently crosses genre boundaries with unpredictable plots, and mixes darkness with comedy for the fun of it. Her ideal reader is open-minded and loves diversity in fiction. Fans of shows like Penny Dreadful, American Gods, Preacher, and other dark, twisted works, may enjoy Dicey’s books.

Dicey loves moshing at rock concerts, watching movies, lifting weights, and attending comic cons. When she’s not chasing her two children around or talking her husband to death, she is working on FAST FRIENDS, DESPERATE LOVERS, the sequel to her rock-n-roll erotic romance novel, BEST FRIENDS, FANTASY LOVERS (2014). The anticipated release date is September 19, 2017. Please visit her website to learn more and her social media accounts, where she actively engages with fans.

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