Buddy the Cat by Sara Stark

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Buddy the cATBuddy the Cat by Sara Stark
Series:  2016 Daily Dose Delivery Package – A Walk on the Wild Side
Release Date: June 6,  2016
Pages: 22 • Format: eARC
Published By: Dreamspinner Press
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Noel is a lonely librarian who spends most of his time working, surfing dating websites to no avail, and hanging out with the cat who shows up on his balcony every night. When he meets Mike, he’s finally found a man who holds his interest. But it soon becomes clear that there’s more to the bird-chasing businessman than what’s on the surface.




I’m sorta dreading this review. I pried myself on being objective when reading, but I had two issues that wouldn’t go away for me. One was the tense it was written in. It drove me nuts, I wanted to scream with all the Noel this, He did this constantly on the page. The second is it’s only 22 pages, it’s hard for me to grasp at anything with this length. I think this was the shortest of lengths in the Daily Doses that I’ve read. I never wormed up to Noel and the “mysteriously smart” Buddy. I get the idea of the lonely guy tired of being lonely. Not being friendly or just to himself. I found myself pointing out of all the nuisances that seemed to get passed the author’s radar. My biggest disappointment was that Mike seemed like an imaginary friend. The very first meeting, it was no descriptive of him, he almost was invisible to except for his bright blue eyes, exactly like Buddy. I got over it, and in the end I just didn’t like it at all.

About Sara Stark

Sara Stark is a book enthusiast who also loves cats, winter and mythology. She lives in a small European country and is currently studying to get her degree in comparative literature. She drinks too much tea and is not a very patient person. In her free time she likes to wander around, explore new places and she gets lost way too often. She wants to travel the world one day. She sends a lot of letters. She is passionate about animal rights. She writes a lot and often and therefore she also learned how to type really quickly. Writing is her favorite thing to do.

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