Enslaved by the Ocean by Bella Jewel

Indigo has had enough of her boyfriend’s physical abuse. She knows she may not live through the next beating at his hands. So when she finds out he is about to be released from prison, Indigo convinces her best friend John to go on the run with her.
Unfortunately, they were kidnapped by pirates while they were on a yacht. When the captain Hendrix informs her that he intends to sell Indigo as a sex slave to satisfy a debt he owes, Indigo decides to seduce Hendrix instead.

When a rescue ship is spotted and Indigo has a chance to escape, the idea of freedom doesn’t thrill her like it should. The web Indigo spun has ensnared her as well. What’s a girl to do?

I find this story to be a typical Bella Jewel style novel. There is a simple yet engaging plot with steamy scenes. I liked Indigo a lot and I grew to like Hendrix. There wasn’t a lot of depth to the characters but they were likable nonetheless. I liked the twist in the end, though it wasn’t really a big surprise. It was nice though.
I liked this story and will probably listen to book 2 sometime.

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