Forced Impressions by Piper Doone

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ForcedImpressionsLGForced Impression by Piper Doone
Release Date: January 25, 2016
Pages: 200 • Published by: Dreamspinner Press • Format: eARC 
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Jonah Landers’s promotion to detective isn’t going so well. His first undercover operation is a disaster thanks to Rafael Santos, a Cuban-American detective so far undercover, no one on Rafael’s Miami-based squad even had a clue he’d already infiltrated the prostitution ring Jonah was targeting. Two years and an insane twist of fate later, Jonah finds himself transferred from Orlando and partnered up with Rafael in Miami—and their rocky beginning doesn’t get any better.

For the sake of their careers and because he realizes he’s falling for Rafael, Jonah makes every attempt to smooth things over and move on with his love life. He turns his attention to A.J. Choya, a Seminole Indian who runs the tech department. But there’s no spark between them, and Jonah has to admit his feelings for Rafael aren’t going away.

When a new case falls into Rafael’s and Jonah’s laps, they must go undercover again and become intimate in a way that forces them to confront their feelings for each other—no matter the consequences.


The blurb definitely psyched me out. I thought we would have had more interaction between Rafael and Jonah but in all actuality their “romance” didn’t start until 78%. I was checked out by that point. I wanted to skim the rest of the book, but I figured if I got it this far, then I should keep going. I liked Jonah, he was very green around the edges but that’s most rookies in any career. I never did understand his job transfer. He talked about transferring because Orlando didn’t have any glam, or fast paced crimes, but you get the feeling that he left because of a failed relationship which I think was cop out, but who am I to judge. I couldn’t really tell you how I feel about Rafael now that the story is over. He didn’t make a big enough impression for me in the beginning, or his attitude or demeanor just didn’t seem right. I didn’t feel a connection, passion or see the attraction factor between the two!

My biggest issue with the story is this long drawn out police procedural plot. It was too much descriptions and side things going on. I felt like it was another boring detective show on tv, without the emotions or dramatic value. I was bored 95% of the time reading this. It took away from the romance the little that was their. I don’t even know what was the point of A.J, being a love interest that lasted 3/4 quarters of the story and it was kinda pointless. We all saw it wasn’t going anywhere, but to just throw it in there seemed like a bad move from the start.

I’m sorry, I just didn’t like this. It was good writing, minimum errors, but right after that initial meeting and Jonah moving to Miami totally lost me. I think the story could have been better if the descriptions of irrelevant things were at a minimum, and Rafael and Jonah actually talked for more than 5 minutes before they got together.

About Piper Doone

Gay Romance Author currently at Dreamspinner Press Piper Doone hates filling out bios and makes up, like, 90% of what she puts in them. She was born on a pirate ship in the year 1723 and raised by Vikings in a small village off the coast of Liechtenstein. Her goals include taking over a small country and bribing the people who give out Oscars to retroactively award several to the cast of the 1996 comedy classic Down Periscope. She has a mad passion for mid-century and Polynesian design, New Wave music, and Hayley Mills movies. Her favorite bands are toad the wet sprocket, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Rolling Stones, but when no one’s around, she’s rocking Spice Girls like it’s 1998. She also has a soft spot for Canadian folk god, Gordon Lightfoot. She’ll try to name some obscure indie movie as her favorite, but it’s really The Mummy and she’ll have a crush on Brendan Fraser forever. Her TV weaknesses are Law and Order: SVU reruns and randomly finding terrible Australian and Canadian kids’ shows from her childhood in the 90s. If she could eat only one type of food for the rest of her life it would be Cuban food. Her favorite books in the whole world are The Princess Bride by William Goldman and Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde.

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