Have a Hygge Holiday by B. Snow

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have-a-hygge-holidayHave a Hygge Holiday by B. Snow
Series: Christmas in July
Release Date: July 24, 2016
Pages:  51 • Format: eARC
Published By: Dreamspinner Press
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Niall is having second thoughts about spending the holidays with Josh. If Josh’s sweet nature masks the fact that he’s a spineless pushover, Niall doesn’t want a long-term relationship with him. Guilt—an annoying voice in his head—agrees, telling him to end it before Josh gets hurt. But then Niall sees how Josh has turned his apartment into a cozy, inviting nest for winter, based on the Scandinavian tradition of hygge: curling up with good food, candles, music, hot drinks, family, and friends.

Niall decides to stay, telling himself he’ll discover the real Josh when the two of them are together for a week, but two become four when Niall’s Christmas-crazy parents show up on Josh’s doorstep, and four become five when Josh’s father arrives to celebrate the last night of Hanukkah. The two sets of parents clash over decorations, food, and public displays of affection. Their bickering drives Niall crazy, as does Josh’s calm acceptance. If something doesn’t change, Niall will walk away from all of it, including his future with Josh.


I think the premise of the story was a good one, but the execution was lacking. I could not get over Niall’s guilt the entire book. It was seriously like another character. Every few paragraphs it was there. I didn’t understand how I was suppose to form an opinion on the relationship between Josh & Niall without the guilt. I still want to ask Niall; Why show up? It doesn’t make sense to me. He has all these reasons about why Josh won’t last long term, but you came to him. After I came to this conclusion I checked out of the story. It was a whole bunch of OTT things happening. From Niall’s clingy parents showing up to Josh’s father unexpected visited. Then it got weird. I really don’t understand the Hygge thing. It had cute moments, and I wanted to throttle Niall most of the short book, but I was bored. I didn’t see the connection. I don’t even think it’s a connection between the two people. I mean I spent majoirty of the book trying to dodge Niall’s guilt, trying not to throw up after the parents little extravaganza. I think Josh was better on his own, and should have kicked everyone to the curb.

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