How We Rate

Every reader has their unique experience with a book.

For us, this is how we rate our experience.

five-stars   5 StarsThe perfect book! Original, well written with amazing characters, plot and development. I couldn’t/wouldn’t put down. A favorite and a definite re-read.

four-half-stars   4.5 StarsReally engaging and so close to being perfect.

four-stars   4 Stars –  A very good book and worth the invested time.

three-half-stars   3.5 StarsA solid read.

three-stars   3 StarsJust fine. Not good, not bad. Just fine.

two-half-stars   2.5 StarsDisappointing.

two-stars   2 Stars –  Meh. Don’t bother.

DNF – I couldn’t read another page.

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