Justice Healed by Olivia Jaymes

Justice Healed by Olivia JaymesSeries: Cowyboy Justice Association 02
on 2013-12-08
Pages: 265
You can’t go home again, but if you do, pretend you want to be there.

Dr. Madison Shay has left Chicago and moved back to her small town roots to take over her father’s medical practice. She’s not the skinny, gawky red haired, four-eyed girl any longer but it sure feels that way. She still remembers the painful teasing from her classmates and always feeling like she didn’t belong. She wants this time to be different but deep down she knows she’ll never be part of the cool crowd.

Sheriff Tanner Marks might have been the captain of the football team years ago but things aren’t as rosy now. He has a son who hates him, and an ex-wife who is about to marry a man Tanner thinks might be a criminal. He doesn’t really have time in his life for a woman. Considering the things he’s done in his past, he’s not sure he deserves one either. He can’t help but feel envious of his friend, Seth Reilly, though. He found the love of a good woman. Is it too much to ask that fate send him someone as well?

Madison and Tanner aren’t looking for love but it feels like the town has other plans. They keep finding themselves thrown together and it’s not unpleasant in the least. In fact, they’re starting to enjoy themselves. There just might be a future for them after all.

When a drug war between two cartels breaks out, their little town is caught in the crossfire. Tanner will call in every favor he can, from the five cowboy cops he trusts most in the world, to keep his town and the woman he loves safe. He’s going to show the bad guys what cowboy justice really means.

Publisher’s warning: This book contains hot sex scenes between a sexy small town sheriff and his very lucky woman, including action in the shower, on the kitchen table, and in front of a roaring fire.

Series description:
The Cowboy Justice Association is a group of six lawmen in Montana who work together to keep the peace. If only they could find that peace in their own lives.

In the series sophomore effort, Sheriff Tanner Marks would like a romance but isn’t sure he deserves it or has time for one. He’s trying to keep his son from repeating his mistakes as a father and husband; the drug dealers are getting bolder in his territory; his ex-wife is marrying a criminal and; he’s starting to think retirement might not be such a bad thing at his age.

Dr. Madison Shay thinks of herself as the four-eyed, geeky, gawky, awkward 14 year old redhead she was teased for being as she grew up, except now she has a medical degree. Tanner comes to see Madison’s father, for care after a bar fight but Madison’s on duty. Tanner thinks that just fine. He also thinks Madison’s grown into that height and hair just right.

Town wedding planner, Sherry goes through the eligible men in town as she and Madison play a game of pretend matchmaking and lament Madison’s lack of a love life. Sherry decides Tanner would be perfect for Madison and gets the whole town to help get them together. Neither Madison nor Tanner is too upset about it since they like each other already.

Tanner’s obligatory monthly meeting with the other small town sheriff’s in the area to hash over common problems and help each other out as needed, gives the reader a chance to look over these rugged lawmen and pick a favorite. For this outing, both the vigilante and the drug cartels are heating things up and leaving bodies in the boy’s backyards.

This undiscovered gem of a mature series has plenty to recommend it. There are well developed characters, worthwhile drama, action and suspense. It also has just enough humor to make you smile. The leads are generally over 30, the sex is steamy (and in this read very safe sex), plus the story is relatively fast paced, interesting and well written.

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