New Release Black and Deadly by Dicey Grenor (Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters)

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This short story will be published on February 15, 2018, in “Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters”, an anthology of 15+ horror short stories written by black women, featuring black women.

BLURB: Something dark and deadly begins when Black Magic Women have had it with police killings in this post-Trump era. It ends with a chain of events that may destroy us all.


Kabira and Maajida grew angrier as they watched the officer’s press conference. Kabira’s fists clenched when the unabashed officer strutted over to his family for hugs and his soulless attorney thanked the jury, the judge, and the police department for participating in the so-called due process of law. Meanwhile, the victim’s family would never see the deceased again… all over a busted taillight.

The system had failed. Again.

Kabira’s phone rang on the coffee table, startling them out of their angry thoughts. Kabira answered, knowing that their oldest sister would be on the other end filled with her own outrage. “Hey, sis. Yeah. We’re watching too. Uh huh… yeah. Uh huh. Okay… Okay, bye.” Kabira hung up and looked over at Maajida, now standing in front of the television with her hands on her hips in her Wonder Woman pose. “Badu’s on the way.”

Maajida broke away from the insult-to-her-intelligence flashing on the screen and side-eyed Kabira. “Badu’s coming here? Now?”

“Yep.” Kabira sank deep in the couch pillows and closed her eyes to calm herself from the images on the screen. “Badu said it can’t wait. That we’ve been sitting around too long waiting for things to change, waiting for something to happen. She said it’s time for us to stop waiting. It’s time to do something. And…” Kabira pinched her nose to relieve tension that had started building since her twelve-hour nursing shift ended earlier, “I agree with her. If the courts aren’t going to make this stop, we must.”

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Dicey Grenor is an African American wife, mother, attorney, and author of racy fiction. She enjoys being analytical and thinking outside-the-box in professional and creative contexts. Before following her passion and writing fiction, she earned a Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Administration, and Juris Doctor degree.

In 2011, Dicey published her first novel, which set the tone for her brand of sexy, wild, daring, and risky stories. Fascinated by supernatural creatures and the dark side, Dicey also published Vol. 1 of The Narcoleptic Vampire Series, in 2011. There are currently seven books in this erotic urban fantasy/ horror series, which brings her total to ten self-published books.

Dicey is proud of writing multicultural characters and mixing genres. As a proponent for diversity and inclusion, Dicey also created and moderated the Multiculturalism and Diversity in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror literary panel at Comicpalooza: The Texas International Comic Con, in 2014-2017.

When she’s not writing multilayered characters in intense, unpredictable plots, Dicey enjoys working out, watching TV/ movies, reading, and attending comic cons, porn conventions, and rock concerts. Though her residence is Houston, Texas, Dicey enjoys interacting with people from across the world via social media and traveling.

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About Dicey Grenor

Dicey Grenor is a wife, mother, attorney, and fearless writer, who tackles complex, taboo subjects from the perspective of quirky, compelling characters. She frequently crosses genre boundaries with unpredictable plots, and mixes darkness with comedy for the fun of it. Her ideal reader is open-minded and loves diversity in fiction. Fans of shows like Penny Dreadful, American Gods, Preacher, and other dark, twisted works, may enjoy Dicey’s books.

Dicey loves moshing at rock concerts, watching movies, lifting weights, and attending comic cons. When she’s not chasing her two children around or talking her husband to death, she is working on FAST FRIENDS, DESPERATE LOVERS, the sequel to her rock-n-roll erotic romance novel, BEST FRIENDS, FANTASY LOVERS (2014). The anticipated release date is September 19, 2017. Please visit her website to learn more and her social media accounts, where she actively engages with fans.

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