Not Just Passing Through by Jamie Dean @dreamspinners @James_Dean

Not Just Passing Through by Jamie Dean @dreamspinners @James_Deanon April 27th 2016
Pages: 105
Socially awkward, closeted virgin Avery Malcolm passes his days and nights running his bigoted aunt’s motel in rural New Mexico. He dreams of getting away and hitting the road, but with one friend, a few acquaintances, and no real life to speak of outside his duties as front desk clerk, he doesn’t know if he'll ever get a chance.

Fate sends hot drifter Chase Lancaster to the Red Ram Motel, riding in on his sexy black motorcycle. Within twenty-four hours, Avery’s life is turned upside down. Before long, even though Chase’s sexual interests seem to run exclusively toward women in bars, Avery finds himself falling for the beautiful biker with no permanent address. Chase is much more than his bad boy persona, so while it’s nice to have another friend, Avery doesn’t know how he’ll survive with his heart intact when Chase inevitably moves on.

I liked this book. It was light and fluffy with no real angst to it. It read like a typical New Adult book where the characters where still in the self-discovery phase.

Avery Malcolm supervised his aunt’s motel, The Red Ram, in exchange for free lodging and a small stipend. He is a loner in a small town in New Mexico so the almost empty billet worked for him. One day, a biker named Chase Lancaster rolled into the motel and Avery was mesmerized.
Avery and Chase struck up a friendship but for Avery there was a desire for more. The problem was that Chase was very clear about both his sexuality and the fact that he was a drifter. How would that affect their growing friendship?

Both characters were really cute. They were both trying to find a compass or anchor for their life. Avery was definitely more reserved and self-contained whereas Chase was gregarious and cheeky. They were opposites, and thus the attraction worked. Chase was developed slightly more than Avery but both characters were underdeveloped. I really enjoyed the progression of their attraction to each other. It took more time than I expected. The writing was simple and the pace was moderate. I wasn’t a complex plot nor were the characters deep. It was simply a case of two young men trying to finding temporary comfort in a temporary friendship, and instead found lasting companionship.

This is a book to read when you just want an entertaining tale without all the unnecessary miscommunications and drama. I enjoyed reading it.

*Special Thanks to Dreamspinner Press for the advanced reading copy.

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