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Refired by B.RefiredLGA. Tortuga
Release Date: January 18, 2015
Pages: 220 • Published by: Dreamspinner Press  • Format: eARC
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When Kris Cerny walks back into Two Spirits, the art gallery he owns with Josh McPhee, all he wants is a clean break. Austin’s booming real estate market means the building he bought years ago is worth a fortune, and with the sale, he and Josh can finally go their separate ways. They won’t be reconciling, right? Josh may be sober now, but an addict is always going to be an addict, and Kris can’t take that chance again.

Josh isn’t willing to sell. Not yet. He’s discovered a new artist in Santa Fe he knows will put Two Spirits in the black, and if he can just make a success of the gallery, maybe he can earn Kris’s respect, if not recapture his love. He needs Kris to give him time for one more buying trip, one more gallery show. Josh wants nothing more than a final chance to make things right. Kris agrees to let Josh have this last ditch effort on one condition– he wants to go along for the ride. On the way Josh hopes they’ll find the next big thing in the art world as well as peace, forgiveness, and a love he thought was lost forever.




How many times did you have a last time when you knew that’s what it was? 


I am a sucker for second chance romance and this book simply worked for me.

Josh and Kris, they were lovers once and are business partners still, but are they friends? Can they be friends or even more once again?

That is just one question that comes up in the first few times of this book.

Told in the dual POV’s of Kris and Josh, we begin to see how this relationship worked and how it all fell apart. We know that Josh is an alcoholic now on his fifth year of sobriety but will that ever be enough for Kris? Will he ever be able to look at Josh in a new way and not wait for that moment when he falls off the wagon? Can Kris forget his past and move forward with a sober Josh?


He didn’t know what to say. I’m sorry? I suck? I love you? You suck?


Good lord. The quiet tension and UST in the first few chapters of this just burned me. I love a good slow burn romance and these two burn, then ignite and even though they have a history there is the newness and the yet contentment of knowing someone for so many years but the what if?

What. If.

It felt familiar and brand-new, all at once. As if he’d fallen back in time…

So, Kris and Josh are business partners who own an art gallery together but Kris wants to sell it and Josh can’t bear to have it sold. Josh is determined to make something of the gallery and find the next big artist and that artist is a road trip away… did someone say road trip? Ahh yeah. These two are taking a trip, together and the passion, the love and the emotions they try to hide bubble up to the surface when they are alone together. Le Sigh. Alone and just fooling themselves that they don’t care, that they don’t want or that they can’t have more… but once again, can they?

This trip was for him and Josh. The rest was just details.

Now you can say things move fast for Josh and Kris but you have to remember; they were once a couple and they are kinda on this journey together where they have no real responsibility and they can pretend. Pretend that the hurt never happened and everything is okay but to do that and move forward, they need to talk about the past.

Ugh. I felt for both men throughout this book. I hurt for Josh trying so hard to do what’s right to stay sober and trying to get back the love he lost with Kris and yet, I got Kris too. See, it’s really hard to trust someone after they have abused it. Either with addiction or what have you and when you love that person, are IN love with that person, it hurts to try. That trust, you want it to be there, you want to believe but OMFG what if they slip and become human and you are back where you started? Addiction is not black and white for either parties involved. There is this massive gray area where addicts can live where honestly taking it one day, one hour at a time to not give in to the demon that are running from and that person they love and love them, that person lives in the gray area of do I keep trying or do I give in and walk away.  You can look at an addict and the person they are in a relationship and cast stones but until you have walked in their shoes, until you have been in that exact position, on either side, it’s not your place to judge. Period. End of.

*hops off soapbox*

Now while this was an interesting story that I did like, there were a few things that bugged me and it was just me. We know they met in college and that Josh has been sober for five years but how long were they together? It never really said  though in the last 20% we get a few details of their age etc. when a secret is revealed. Um… these men almost creamed they pants numerous times and used words like yummy in reference to food and everyone said “Rock on” and such. It just stuck out as odd while reading it but I pushed passed and kept going because I could murder for their HEA. Um, was that the right words? They said that a lot too, “I could murder for a xyz…” Hmm.

Love complicated things way too much.

Refired was a enjoyable second chance romance between two men who really needed to talk before they got it on but emotions aren’t rational and neither is love. Josh and Kris were super sexy with the want of one another and you could feel the emotional pull the men fought but so desperately wanted to give into. I loved the inclusion of art in the book and the artists involved were a nice touch, especially with the prologue and epilogue.  I would love Cy and Lonan’s story! Just saying.

At the end of it all, this was a nice read from a new to me authors whose books I will definitely check out again.

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