Review: Christmas on Mimosa Lane (Seasons of the Heart #1) by Anna DeStefano

Review: Christmas on Mimosa Lane (Seasons of the Heart #1) by Anna DeStefanoSeries: Seasons of the Heart #1
on 2012-10-23
Pages: 299
A childhood on the streets taught Mallory Phillips to never trust love again. Years later, she longs for a peaceful existence and a community to call home, only she can t quite settle into the picturesque, cozy world around her. When Polly Lombard sneaks into Mallory s house to look at her Christmas tree, Mallory connects with Polly and Polly s grieving father in wondrous ways, helping them heal. But when Mallory s past returns to haunt her, will she trust her new family to be there for her? Anna DeStefano s heartwarming and emotional tale of second chances is a testament to the healing power of love, and the incredible joy of Christmas miracles.

Teacher Mallory Phillips woke to find a student Polly Lombard in her home. Polly had lost her mom, and at night would sneak over to the next door neighbor’s home. It became a nighttime routine. As Mallory called Pete Lombard to pick up his daughter, they began the healing process. The Lombards helped Mallory stop hiding behind her work and jump into life again.

I had avoided this book because many reviews said it was heartbreaking. I guess what I saw was hope. The other side of tragedy when people start picking up the pieces of their lives. The book was written really well. It wasn’t overly sappy and it wasn’t too fluffy. It have a great flow and great pace. Once I started, I didn’t stop listening to it until it finished. I loved little Polly. Somehow she saw the capacity for love in Mallory and she grabbed onto it hard. It was so sweet watching the shell that both Mallory and Pete formed around themselves develop crack after crack, until the shells shattered. Love and acceptance is the ultimate Christmas gift and that is what this book was about. The second chance at happiness made this book heartwarming, not heartbreaking. It was a great book to read on New Year’s Eve. I felt like I was transported to Mimosa Lane and was a part of the story. I look forward to reading some more books in this series.

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