Review: Unlawful Contact (I-Team, Book 3) by Pamela Clare

Review: Unlawful Contact (I-Team, Book 3) by Pamela ClareSeries: I-Team #3
on April 1st, 2008
Pages: 375 pages
AmazonNarrator: Kaleo Griffith
Taken hostage by a convicted murderer while reporting at a prison, Sophie Alton has no idea that the man holding the gun to her head is the bad boy who was her first love in high school. Condemned to life without parole, Marc Hunter finds himself with no choice but to break out of prison after his younger sister disappears with her baby.

Though he regrets what he has to put Sophie through, he can’t let anything get in the way of his stopping the corrupt officials who are set on destroying what’s left of his family. But being near Sophie rekindles memories for both of them. As the passion between them heats up, so does the conspiracy to put both of them in their graves

★★★3/4. Not quite a 4 because the heroine was a bootleg reporter. How can Sophie be an I-Team reporter when she was so naive, dense, unobservant, passive and just slow on the uptake?

Sophie Alton and her brother grew up with her grandmother after her parents died in a car crash. In a spontaneous act when she was 16, she had sex with her high school crush, a senior guy she only knew as Hunt. Hunt left for the military the day after, and Sophie never heard from him again.

12 years later, Sophie worked as an I-team reporter and she was working on a story with drug addicted inmates and the pregnancies behind bars. One of her subjects Meghan went missing with her newborn baby and drugs were found in her cell. A man hunt ensued for the missing convict and the newborn baby. Meghan’s brother decided that this interested reporter, Sophie, would be his key in finding his sister. So the convicted murder Marc Hunter set up an interview with Sophie and then held her hostage and escaped.

During this hostage situation, Sophie found out that Marc Hunter was her “Hunt”. He told her his story and she had to figure out if she trusted him enough to jeopardize her career and get to the bottom of who framed him, Meghan and what was going on in that correctional facilities.

What I enjoyed about this series is the author tackles pretty serious topics. And the author goes all in. Not the fluffy stuff. The series is also well written. The heroine was a bit slow, but I loved Marc. He was a stand up guy.

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