Full Moon Mating (Wolf Creek Pack #1) by Stormy Glenn

Full Moon Mating (Wolf Creek Pack #1) by Stormy GlennSeries: Wolf Creek #1
on 2009-01-01
Pages: 179
AmazonNarrator: Rex J. Silverton
Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolf] Sheriff Joe Nash couldn't have been more surprised when he answered a call to a shooting and discovered the sexiest man he ever saw. His extraordinary response to the man told him immediately Nate was his mate. Taking a chance, Joe takes him home, hoping to convince him to stay. But Nate Summers is on the run from someone, never staying in one place for more than a few days. The tall, handsome sheriff and his offer of a safe haven intrigue Nate, but he's afraid that if he sticks around, the sheriff will discover his secret, a secret that could make the sheriff hate him. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

This story started with Joe, a cop in the small town of Wolf Creek, responding to a robbery and encountering an out-of-towner Nate. Joe felt an immediate pull to this guy and it wasn’t even the full moon. The new guy, Nate, was skittish and seemed uncomfortable talking.
Eventually, Nate trusted Joe and revealed he was hiding out from someone pursuing him. Joe returned this trust by revealing that he was a shifter, a werewolf, and that he believed Nate was his mate. It seemed that the two lovers would be okay until their relationship was threatened both by an inside threat and an outside threat. These threats force Joe to make decisions as the enforcer of his clan as opposed to Nate’s mate.

I have to say that the narrator wasn’t good. He made Nate feel adolescent and it made it weird to hear the sex scenes. I think the writing contributed to that because sometimes Nate acted like a kid and so Joe treated him like such. He didn’t discuss things he should with a partner, but instead, Joe made decisions for Nate.

I liked the relationship Joe had with his family and how accepting and protective his parents were of Nate. That added to the sweetness of this story. It’s a book one, so I hope the author will spend more time developing both her characters and the overall plot of the story.

**Audiobook given by author in exchange for an honest review