June is Audiobook Month (6/1/17)

Did you know June is #audiobook month?  I’m joining Jess and Tina (@asreadbyTINA) to celebrate and to play #audiobingo!

Almost all of the books I logged on Goodreads last year were are audios. I listen to about 300 audiobooks a year. I mostly 👂 via @audible, @overdrive, @oneclickdigital, @HooplaDigital apps. But there are other audio apps you can try.

This month of June, I will spotlight a different group of five narrators and/or audiobooks to share my thoughts or experiences.

This week I will start by listing my Top Five favorite narrators (in no particular order). I’ve also added a book each narrated that I rated highly.

    1) Rosalyn Landor absolutely nails historical romances. I first discovered her in Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas. They make an excellent author-narrator pair. I devoured the Gamblers of Craven series, followed the Wallflowers series and then The Hathaways series. (Devil In Winter Review).
    2) Robert Petkoff is the reason I finished The Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. I initially quit reading the series after book 5 until a GR friend suggested that I listen 👂 instead of reading it. His voice made all the difference and this series is among my favorite now. (Lothaire Review). His voice is theatric and exudes humor. I can almost hear him cackling “muhaha” as I reflect on his work. He is amazing.
    3) Lauren Fortgang IS the assassin Gin Blanco. She’s done a great job in other audiobooks I’ve heard but the way she bodied The Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep just took my appreciation to another level. (Bitter Bite Review). She can give you sass, confident, humor and snark like no one else. 
    4) Julia Whelan (aka Sophie Eastlake) does young adult and adult voices  with perfection. It was her narration of The Witness by Nora Roberts that first made me take notice of her. Then I experienced her with The Elder Races by Thea Harrison, so I started seeking out other audiobooks read by her. Her voice just commands my attention and keeps me completely engaged. (Flat-Out Love Review).
    5) Therese Plummer has one of the most melodic and friendliest voices ever. When I hear her voice, it’s just soothing to my soul. It feels like listening to your best friend tell you a story. She’s a narrator that takes an average story and elevates the experience. I love her in chick lit and contemporary romances. (The Wanderer Review).

🎧 Those are my top five. Please share the narrators do you ❤️ with us.🎧 Or if you would like a recommendation, please ask.