Diversity Challenge from the Challenge Factory

2017 Diversity Challenge (all are welcome)

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This challenge was inspired by the very acrimonious presidential election cycle we in America have just survived. Our country seems bitterly divided, and many ugly sentiments have come to the fore. The purpose of this challenge is to see if we can gain a greater understanding of each other by stretching our boundaries and by considering the impact of non-diversity on society as a whole. PLEASE JOIN US!!

<strong>Duration:</strong> 6 months
<strong>Minimum pages:</strong> 100
Re-reads are allowed.

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Dipping My Toe in the Water: Read 1-2 books from the first set, 2-3 books from the second set and 3-4 books from the third set
Wading up to My Waist: Read 2-3 books from the first set, 3-4 books from the second set and 4-5 books from the third set
Cannonball into the Deep End: Read 3-4 books from the first set, 4-5 books from the second set and 5-6 books from the third set
Point of Departure: a book that is really you – that embodies something about you or focuses on one or more interests you have
Starters: a book from a genre you don’t usually read, or a book about people who are different from you in some significant way


Getting Personal: a book about a different kind of spirituality than you practice (or don’t practice) or that has a MC who is going through some kind of spiritual transformation

Roadblocks: a book about any kind of disability or illness that separates people from the mainstream culture (be it physical, mental, emotional or even a socially imposed “disability”), or that has MC with such a disability or illness


Going Abroad: a book about a culture you know little about or with a MC who is immersed in a new (foreign) culture, or a book about immigration or with a MC who has recently emigrated or plans to emigrate, or a book that is written in a language that is not your native language

Really Out There: a book that takes place on another planet, or that takes place in time many hundreds of years into the future or the past, or a book that has a MC who acts wholly outside social norms expected of him or her

Danger Zone:
a book about human bondage, or about one culture dominating and/or trying to eliminate another (ie, total lack of acceptance and diversity), whether it be genocide (like Hitler) or a social issue (like the whole LGBT rights issue), or any book about violence in race relations

Bookish Bingo Challenge: Winter 2016-2017 (Updated 12/19)

Bookish Bingo: Winter 2016

The originator of this challenge is Bekka @Pretty Deadly Reviews
I love two kinds of challenges the most: Bingo and Buddy Reads so when I saw this Winter Bookish Bingo at a post from a new friend Megan@BookslayerReads, I knew I had to join this challenge.

The Ins and Outs of this Bingo challenge:

There is a new bingo card for each season and this one will be for December 2016, January 2017, and February 2017.
The object is to get as many bingo’s as possible, using one square per book.
At the end of the season, there will be a giveaway! The more bingo’s you get, the more chances you have to win!

For the Twitter Poll square, create a poll or something similar and ask people to choose the book you will read.

❀ Green Cover:
❀ Alternative Format:
❀ Set Abroad: What Happens at Christmas
❀ Sequel: Up in Flames, Rosemary Beach Book 13
❀ Own Voices:
❀ Banned Book:
❀ 2017 Debut:
❀ Romance: Being Brooke
❀ Goodreads Choice Nominee: The Score
❀ Pink Cover:
❀ Not YA:
❀ White Cover:
❀ FREE: Say Goodbye for Now
❀ Science Fiction:
❀ December, January, February Release: Wound Tight (December 2016)
❀ Crime:
❀ Survival: From Sand and Ash
❀ Blue Cover: Soldier’s Scoundrel
❀ LGBT: Save of the Game
❀ Super Hyped:
❀ Twitter Poll: Twitter Poll
❀ Nature on Cover: Twelve Days of Christmas
❀ Unreliable Narrator:
❀ Cover Buy:
❀ Urban Fantasy:

Join me and let’s have some fun!!!