Lucky in Loveland (Welcome to Loveland #1) by K-Lee Klein

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Lucky-in-Loveland-e1455027955742Lucky in Loveland by K-Lee Klein
Series: Welcome to Loveland
Release Date: February 13, 2016
Pages: 120 • Format: eARC
Published By: K-lee Klein Books
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Loveland, Colorado is a special place all year around, a community of creativity and art, with scenic views and majestic mountains. But the town really shines once a year, on Valentine’s Day.

Lucky Roberts has lived in Loveland his whole life. He has good friends, strong family support, and is all about keeping his community fun and alive. The only thing Lucky has been “unlucky” with is love. But rather than avoiding February fourteenth in his hometown, he throws himself into helping others deliver their messages of love.

Enter Jack Canon. Jack moved to Loveland for a fresh start, in both his personal and professional lives. After a tough year, he’s finally hoping to just blend in, maybe carve a little niche for himself that his parents would have been proud of. What he didn’t expect was a pseudo-lumberjack with a killer body and shy smile to turn his world upside down – and he sure didn’t expect to like it so much.

When Lucky meets Jack, he feels like a thirteen year-old with his first crush. He’s clumsy, stammering, and the first greeting out of his mouth is a less than articulate, “Wow!” Words like adorable and manbun suddenly become part of his vocabulary as he discovers a deep, hidden need to romance the hell out of Jack.

And what better way to do that than during the most romantic season in the City of Love?


So this was all kinds of adorable and being the first read from the author for me, I am intrigued.

Lucky in Loveland is a sweet tale of two men trying to not screw things up in a town that is made for love. Literally, like made for love.

Told from the Dual POV’s of Lucky our resident larger than life in all ways hockey coach and Jack, our pseudo hippie Kindergarten teacher we get to see each side as the boys navigate their way around each other and the town’s notorious affair with Valentine’s Day.

I really loved Lucky. He was a tough to get a hold on early in the story but once you get that he is kinda like a big kid that you want to cuddle and make laugh, you get why Jack would fall for him.

Jack… He is a Kindergarten teacher with a man bun… need I say more? I mean, that alone scores points in my book but Jack has moved to Loveland for a new start and his reasons made me want to hug him to. Actually I just wanted these two to hug and hug a lot and them hug some more, possibly naked. What can I say? When you have a romance surrounded by snow you need to pull off all layers, not just the emotional one, to get to the raw… where was I again?

This was a slow burn romance but it couldn’t have been told any other way. Both Lucky and Jack have their reasons for wanting to take things slow and I adored how they did it. Lucky with his surprise dates and all they are and Jack with, well Jack with the way he sees Lucky, it was just lovely to read these two and watch their awkward flirting, love of breakfast for dinner and intimate moments.

I hope there will be more from these two in the series as I am not quite done with them yet.


About K-Lee Klein

K-Lee Klein has lived in one part of Western Canada or another for her entire life. She’s a doting mother of three now-grown kids, and has had characters and plots running around her head for as long as she can remember.

She lives with an patient husband who totally does not get her thing for gay men, two spoiled but wonderful sons (who don’t get it either), and two also spoiled, but beautiful cats. Her days are also filled with many texts and phone calls with her daughter who has already left the nest, and an abundance of fabulous gay men, large and small, bouncing off the walls of her skull, competing for their turns to tell their stories.

After finally throwing caution to the wind, K-lee’s first story was accepted and published in December of 2011, and since then she’s been lucky enough to be picked up by several publishers. She’s thrilled to be substituting her previous jobs as a hockey manager/coach, school band volunteer and overall chauffeur with her passion for writing beautiful, emotional men.

Among her favorite sub-genres are rockstars, cowboys, shifters, and opposites-attract relationships. But to be honest, she’s open to almost anything if it involves messing around in the heads of her characters. She’s also big on series–because she has a hard time letting her characters go–and is usually working on a handful of stories in various stages of completion all at the same time.