An Honorable Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

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sgdAn Honorable Man: by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Series: Men of Manhattan, #7
Release Date: September 29, 2016
Pages:147 • Format: eARC
Published By: Wilde City Press
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Officer Danny Finnegan loves his job. As one of the youngest faces on the police force, he has taken on the challenge of going undercover to catch a serial killer in Manhattan. Ten rent boys have been murdered, and Danny knows it won’t be long before another one turns up dead in an alley. He and his partner, Tiernan Callahan, gear up to hit the seedy side of the city that never sleeps. There’s only one problem. They need help to make Danny’s cover convincing.

Bobby Laughlin left the back streets of Manhattan behind when he came way too close to becoming another number in the rent boy killings. He spends most of his time on Fire Island working at a bar. He is trying to get his life back on track when officer Danny Finnegan walks back into his life. Bobby was attracted to Danny the first time he saw him — when the boyish-looking cop took Bobby’s statement after a client beat him brutally. Working with the the sexy cop could be dangerous. It would put him right back on the streets he’s been trying so hard to avoid.

Bobby reluctantly takes on the task of teaching Danny how to work the streets. As things heat up on the case and in their hearts, Bobby finds himself falling for Danny, and Danny has eyes only for Bobby.

But can they catch a killer before one of them ends up as the next headline?


This was better then the last few books to me. I do miss the sugary sweet fluff of the first part of the series. I kinda wanted this series to just be more contemporary and romantic then the last few action/adventure we got. It’s reminding me alot of the Assassin/Shifter series, to many names and faces that I can’t recall or remember.I miss the first two or three books where I can re-read those forever. Nonetheless we do get some of the same cheesy goodness, but it’s split with finding a serial killer. I thought the killer was rather obvious myself. I did feel some of the story was rushed towards the ending.

As usual, I like the way the guys find common ground with one another. Danny & Bobby have been walking around each other for months now. When it gives Danny the chance to go undercover, not just for his job but in order to get to know Bobby better. I liked the guys, but I didn’t find anything particular spectacular about his coupledom either. Sandrine is a comfort read author of mind so I find myself reading my favorites over and over then wanting to try something new and get disappointed. Again this wasn’t bad as the last one for me. I just wish she can get back the magic of book 1 & 2 of this series. Can’t wait for more from her.

About Sandrine Gasq-Dion

I have been blessed in this life to not only have parents that support me, but kids that do as well. I grew up in a loving but “Old School” French household. My parents worked for the airlines (TWA) so I was able to see a lot of Europe as a kid. I moved to Seattle Washington at the age of 22 and stayed there for twelve years before moving to Alaska for a little over two. Fairbanks, AK was one hell of an experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back! I spent a little over a year in South Carolina before moving back to Arizona. I then left for Kansas for five years and now reside in Arizona. I’ve been connected to the military in one way or another for over half my life and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Writing has become my full time job and I’ve never been so happy doing a job I love and being able to do it in my jammies. I plan on writing until I dry up and die. Hopefully, that won’t happen soon!