Taming the Wyld by Lucie Archer

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Title:Taming the Wyld by Lucie Archer
Series: States of Love
Release Date: September 21, 2016
Pages:101 • Format: eARC
Published By: Dreamspinner Press
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The Witness Protection Program dumps JD Smith practically at the ends of the earth—in Two Pines, Alaska—to protect him until he can testify against a dangerous gang. He tries to stick to his story and keep his head down, but it’s impossible to ignore bush pilot Jake Wylder, a sexy loner with quite a reputation around the small town.

Flying medical supplies around Alaska suits Jake’s wild streak and love of freedom. He’s perfectly content to keep his romantic encounters casual—at least until he meets JD. Something about the nurse makes Jake think settling down might not be such a hardship. Now he just needs to convince JD he’s serious—which won’t be easy, given his past.

For a relationship to stand a chance, JD must testify so he can return to Two Pines as the man he really is—and Jake must grow into the man JD needs him to be.


This was a cute short story. I did have a problem with concentrating on it. It could have been me, but otherwise I thought it was cute. I’ve never read anything by this author so the blurb was something that I was interested in. I found it humorous at times and a little angsty on JD’s part, and cheesy.

That’s okay, I can deal with this trifecta of things in such a short story. I liked Jake and his all his whorish ways. I don’t get what’s the big deal, he’s still in his 20’s, single, and just having fun. I think he’s only doing what people allowed him to do so far. I did enjoy seeing him suffer with JD. JD definitely made him work for it. LOL. Taming the Wyld had a little bit of plot substance since JD is in the federal witness protection agency. He is not expecting to meet or fall in love with someone. Now he has to think of all the consequences of making it work. I think the author did a great job on getting these two together. I like that they started slow and gradually worked their way up. I did enjoy the events coming together at the end! I look forward to more from her. P.s, I’m not an animal persons but I loved their pets names, Flower and Rory. So cute and cheesy on Rory’s name but I liked it nonetheless.

About Lucie Archer

Lucie Archer is a student of the universe who is obsessed with the stars, in love with beaches, and crazy about dudes falling in love. Her weaknesses include a big heart, the sun, self-doubt, and kryptonite…probably. Not the exact recipe for a supervillain, but she has plans to take over the world nonetheless.

Her first foray into nonacademic writing started with fanfiction—hardly an original origin story—but after a few years of honing her craft with other people’s characters, she realized she was perfectly capable of creating her own. Her underground lair, somewhere in Texas, is overflowing with them now as she prepares to unleash them on an unsuspecting world one book at a time.

As a realist, she works hard to write stories that are as honest and accurate as possible, regardless of whether that means staying up till 5am researching circumcision in the Ol’ West or refusing to quit until she knows exactly what the runway in Circle Hot Springs, Alaska consists of. (It’s gravel, in case you were wondering.)

When she’s not writing, she can be found tending to her garden, playing with her four-legged children, procrastinating, or planning world domination. Although, she spends an awful lot of time fending off random plot bunnies that threaten to derail her WIP’s.

Hobbies: cursing, history, sitting on beaches, nerdy puns, science, and playing video games

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