The Bold and the Dominant (The Doms of Her Life, #3) by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearl

The Bold and the Dominant (The Doms of Her Life, #3)  by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearlSeries: The Doms of Her Life # 3
on February 10, 2015
Pages: 373
AmazonNarrator: Christian Fox
After spending weeks trying to reach Raine Kendall, Dominants Liam O’Neill and Macen Hammerman have finally broken past the walls to their submissive’s wounded heart. Before they can enjoy their newfound closeness, Liam’s past comes back to haunt him when his ex-wife drops in—with a secret that could tear his world apart. Forced to leave Raine in Hammer’s care, Liam is stuck on the outside, stewing in frustration and insecurity…and wondering if Raine no longer needs him or if Hammer alone completes her.Always the pillar of strength, Hammer tries to help Liam while sheltering their woman. But Raine soon discovers the truth that threatens the trio’s chance of a happily-ever-after. Determined to hold them together, the two men cook up a scheme to uncover the ex’s secret. When an old nemesis returns and targets Raine, can Liam and Hammer come together to slay the danger and save the woman they both love?

Now this book had the full package of what I was waiting for. I think if this book was first, I would have had a greater understanding of Raine. This book is the first where I felt like I saw this “strength” that Hammer and Liam kept touting in the prior books. This book really allowed me to see her journey and I finally got a chance to connect with her. I admired her perseverance and her behavior finally made sense to me. Everything fell into place here.

Hammer and Liam definitely made strides towards making this relationship work, so I enjoyed them here as well. It’s clear to me that Liam and Hammer should continue to be together because they are the better halves of each other. Hammer is brute force, lacking tact and take charge whereas Liam is finesse, refinement and patient. I think they make crappy doms apart from each other, but together, they are the full package. The guys finally grew up. YES!!!!

As I have said before, I liked Liam but I couldn’t understand how he ended up with his ex-wife. It didn’t make sense. Hammer/Marcus was straight forward and what you see is what you get. The choices of wives threw me for a loop. No wonder Raine was confused. That barracuda of an ex-wife was a conniving witch. What a Jezebel!

This book was definitely the best in the series. It had action, hot sex, real emotion and finally character growth. I hope Seth and Beck gets their own books soon because they were the unsung heroes in the series. They are funny, smart and seem to understand their roles as Doms a lot better than Hammer and Liam.


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