The River Leith by Leta Blake

The River Leith  by Leta Blakeon May 15th 2014
Pages: 173
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Memory is everything.

After an injury in the ring, amateur boxer Leith Wenz wakes to discover his most recent memories are three years out of date. Unmoored and struggling to face his new reality, Leith must cope anew with painful revelations about his family. His brother is there to support him, but it’s the unfamiliar face of Zach, a man introduced as his best friend, that provides the calm he craves. Until Zach’s presence begins to stir up feelings Leith can’t explain.

For Zach, being forgotten by his lover is excruciating. He carefully hides the truth from Leith to protect them both from additional pain. His bottled-up turmoil finds release through vlogging, where he confesses his fears and grief to the faceless Internet. But after Leith begins to open up to him, Zach's choices may come back to haunt him.

Ultimately, Leith must ask his heart the questions memory can no longer answer.

Wow. I loved this one. It had controversial things that made it so dramatic, emotional and so engagin. Great book!

Leith Weinz is a boxer who sustained brain trauma after an illegal hit to the back of his head during a boxing match. He woke up from a coma with partial amnesia, he can’t remember the last 3 years.
Zachariah Stevens is part of The 3 yrs Leith can’t remember. What do you do when the person who means the world to you doesn’t have a clue who you are?

This book was angsty because it hinged on the unknown. Leith doesn’t know Zach. Leith doesn’t know if and when he’ll get his memory back. Leith doesn’t know if he’ll ever box again. Zach doesn’t know if he’ll get the love of his life back. Zach doesn’t now how he can live without his partner. The doctors don’t know if Leith’s memory will return.

The uncertainty was making everyone anxious, irritable, scared and emotional. I felt like I was on eggshells too, waiting for the lightbulb to come on. What an emotional journey. I felt for Zach, Marian, Ava and Arthur. How much do you tell Leith or do you wait for it come back? What would I do if my loved one saw me as a stranger? It’s amazing at how the body retains certain memory even when the cognitive mind doesn’t. I appreciate this author tackling a difficult subject with sensitivity yet conveying the sense of helplessness the characters felt. I could see everyone’s POV and I just had to walk with them with hope and patience.

I wish I could hug everyone in this book.

Special Thanks to Romance Beckons via Netgalley for review copy.

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