The Turning Point by Amy Paine

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516zox256PL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Turning Point by Amy Paine
Series: Traveling Companions
Release Date: March 7, 2016
Pages: 44 • Format: eARC
Published By: NineStar Press
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1920s aristocratic feminist, Benita, dreams of heading her own magazine in a male dominated world but needs her lover Terence to help her reach her goals. Millie, a rich socialite and heiress to the Hemsby fortune, is about to be married to James, thus fulfilling her family’s dream of assuring their line.

A chance encounter on a train journey to London throws both women together, and a sensual trap is spun by their mutual desires. By the time they alight on the platform at Waterloo, both are changed and neither wants to say goodbye.

Is Benita strong enough to risk jeopardising her dreams and goals for a woman who captivates her? Can Millie break with tradition to follow her heart? When confronted by opposition and heartbreak Benita and Millie must find a way to be together, yet the world seems set to oppose them.


Um… so, what happens on the railway to Waterloo, stays on the railway to Waterloo???

This was so much fun, so fresh and so damn sexy. Not only is this a historical f/f novella featuring a  feminist woman who is a reporter for a travel magazine but said strong woman is also a POC. I can’t stay how thrilled I was to get that bit of information right away as Benita tells us about her parents; her mother being Jamaican and the scandal of her marrying a lord.

…do you make a habit of seducing women on trains?

I loved getting in Benita’s head as Millie boards the railway carriage and has to squish in next to her and I love the boldness in everything Millie does.

This was a lovely exploration of women and sexuality in the 1920’s. It was interesting to get both women’s perspectives on their “relationship” with men; Benita’s boyfriend being one of convenience and Millie’s fiancé being that of familial duty and how they stand as feminist.

This is relatively short story and does not give much exploration to the characters other than what we are told about them. What it does give is a sexy romp in a railway carriage between two women of different social status, age and race and how all of that doesn’t matter when the one next to you, turns you on like never before.

“You’re one of us, aren’t you?”

“One of whom?”

“One who so adores the female sex. But in your case, you don’t dare enough.”

Romance for me can be the small things people do for one another but it is also those explosive beginnings where you know without a doubt, if you don’t get your hands on the person that is turning you inside out, you will lose it. Thank goodness Millie has great ideas on how to rationalize Benita out of her skirt.  Mmm hmm.

While this was sexy and intriguing it left me with a want for more. I would have loved to be in Millie’s head when she first saw Benita and was attracted to her. I would have loved to be in her head when she makes this trip the trip where she will make Benita finally see her and go for what she’s been wanting to do. The end was a bit quick and I hope, as the title of “Traveling Companions” suggests, there will be more in the story as I would love to see how the women navigate this new relationship among their rellality. Also, I would love to see the toys Millie has as I have seen a few pictures from the decade and before of women with the like.

I truly hope the series continues with these characters as they were intriguing and I would love to see how this all works out.

The Turning Point is a wonderful short story of self-exploration of your mind while investigation the sexuality you are told you shouldn’t want. It’s about choosing which part of you shall be free, which part you’ll show to the world to fit and get by and the line you won’t cross to lose one to the other.


About Amy Paine

Amy Paine is the LGBT name for a well-known author of contemporary romance. She loves writing about strong women with tantalizing stories to tell, and always likes a happy ending. She writes across a broad spectrum of genres, enjoying penning both historical and contemporary stories.
Right now, she is busy at work on the rest of the Travelling Companions series that sees her two heroines negotiating many twists and turns with their 1920s romance. She also has plenty of other ideas in the pipeline.
When she’s not writing, Amy loves to cook, walk, paint and spend time with friends. She is probably to be found at least one day a week in her favourite café enjoying her preferred tipple—a frothy cappuccino—or indulging in plenty of cakes at afternoon tea.

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