Town Man, Country Man by Jessica Skye Davies

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town-man-country-manTown Man, Country Man by Jessica Skye Davies
Release Date: July 20, 2016
Pages:159 • Format: eARC
Published By: Dreamspinner Press
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“Town man” Josh Douglass meets “country man” Ben Bauer at a mutual friend’s wedding, and passion kindles immediately. As urbanite wedding planner Josh and closeted contractor Ben spend more time together, they develop a deep, comfortable romance despite the fifty miles between their homes—and despite the drastic differences in their lifestyles. But as they grow closer, it becomes apparent that Josh and Ben have been enjoying the first flush of love without giving much thought to longer-term logistics. 

A crisis leads Josh to ask himself serious questions about how his relationship with Ben can realistically work. But just as Josh is feeling ready to talk about the next step with Ben, a misunderstanding threatens their love affair. Compromise is the key to any relationship, but it isn’t always easy to balance careers, friendships, and family expectations. Josh and Ben just need to see that bringing together the best of both their worlds is well worth the sacrifices they’ll have to make to remain in each other’s life.


Another miscommunication trope! I cannot stand it, and it’s so stupid. By far one of my biggest pet peeve in reading is that stupid miscommunication conflict. Where two grown ups have an issue, and instead of talking it out they decided to bypass the situation. It leads to a bunch of mess. See I’d like to think of it is filler crap for the stories. It might seem harsh but I’m persuaded that the author didn’t have much material to write with so they did the common misconception thing. I’m not just talking about Davies, I’m talking all authors.

Unfortunately I’m reading this book. It was a big deal to me. I didn’t like it. I hadn’t really connected with the characters. It was something elementary about the writing, I didn’t enjoy it but it was manageable up until a certain point. If anything I liked Ben way more then Josh. Josh rubbed me the wrong way from beginning to end. Come on, these are 20 year old guys. They are well established men who know things, and should act accordingly. This is my first book by this author. I didn’t like this, but I’m willing to give her another chance. I did see the potential between Josh & Ben, but at that point, I had already checked out of the story.

About Jessica Skye Davies

Jessica Skye Davies has been a writer since her first works were “published” in her grandparents’ living room and written in crayon. She is a lifelong native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she has been active in the community, including serving as library director on the executive board of a local GLBT community center. Outside of writing, Jessica has a wide range of interests and hobbies: from Mozart in a music hall to punk in pubs, from Shakespeare to Vonnegut, from salsa dancing the night away to afternoon coffee in the square to kicking back with a good movie. She loves meeting new people and exploring new places, always open to whatever elements might inspire her next writing project.

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