Tracefinder:Contact (Tracefinder, #1) by Kaje Harper

Tracefinder:Contact (Tracefinder, #1) by Kaje HarperSeries: Tracefinder #1
on 01.09.2016
Pages: 518
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What could an undercover cop and a drug lord’s pet psychic have in common?

Brian Kerr has spent years hiding behind a facade of mental slowness. His brother and sister got all three of them off the streets and into a cushy life, under the protection of a dangerous criminal. But to keep that safety, Brian has to use his Finding talent to track down the boss’s enemies. Although he pretends not to know what he’s really doing, each Find takes its toll, and he’s trapped in a life he hates, losing touch with his true self.

Nick Rugo’s job is to protect and serve the people of Minneapolis as an undercover cop. He isn’t closeted, but he isn’t out at work, and there’s a wild, angry side to him that he’s managed to keep hidden until now. When he’s assigned to bring Brian’s boss to justice, he intends to use anything and anyone it takes to do that.

Nick initially sees Brian as a pawn to be played in his case, but he keeps getting glimpses of a different man behind the slow, simpleminded mask. As the two men get to know each other, it becomes clear they share secrets, some of which might get them both killed.

I have so many conflicted emotions on this book. It was a really good story, and that writing is the usual best from Kaje Harper. Some will read this and say it isn’t as romance-y as they would want it. I’m on the minority because I’m super glad that romance kinda played in the background of the story. After I finished reading it, I was unsure of my thoughts regarding the main character’s relationship. Brian Kerr is a special needs person, and it’s not clear by the end what he really suffers from. Dyslexia is a sure thing, but the other terms like Schziophernia, and Dissociative Identity Disorder is mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, people with mental illness should be able to love when, and whomever they want to. My thing was I felt like his entire life people have taken advantage of him, and the one person he opens up to takes advantage of him in my opinion. I’m not saying Nick did it to be malicious, but I was pissed that he took it there seeing as he was not being his truthful self that was needed.

Onto the story itself it was good. My kind of suspense and thriller with a little paranormal thrown into it. We start off with Nick fighting in a bar, Nick who has a mantra about himself earning his name. On the other hand, we have Nick the cop. Nick rides that fine line between his morals as a person and a cop. Reading this book, I’m kinda surprised on his morals as a cop. It doesn’t seem like he cares about anyone else. In the next book, I hope we get to see more of his self and his past. Hopefully things work out. I liked the characters in the story alot. These are people that I can definitely see on screen as well. The characters are so real, and gritty. Damon and Lori are bad ass! Say what you want, and they might not care about other people but they are family and they stick together. I honestly understand why they are the way they are. Their childhood was screwed up. They survived by using what they got. As much as I despised some of Damon’s actions in the story, I love him for never giving up on his brother. Loved seeing the drama surrounding some of the characters. I really enjoyed how the story came to. I was so freaking nervous about Nick & Brian. It literally was a point in the story where I cried at 72% and I don’t know if that was the author’s expectations, but those scenes all the way to the end had me in tears. I cried off and on, until the very last page.

I was so conflicted that I had to email Kaje Harper and ask her certain questions! She was a doll for answering them. I really love her work, and I always say this but she is a realistic writer in my opinion. Everything happening in this story you can definitely picturing it happening in a suburb somewhere, and these characters are somewhere out there in the world. Don’t know what’s in store for book two, but I’m ecstatic for what’s more to come.



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About Kaje Harper

I live in Minnesota, where the two seasons are Snow-removal and Road-repair, the mosquito is the state bird, and where sometimes in winter it can be breathtakingly beautiful. Of course, the deepfreeze chill contributes to the breath-taking, but Minnesota’s a kindly, quiet place and it’s home to me now. I’ve been writing for far longer than I care to admit (*whispers – forty years*), mostly for my own entertainment, and currently am focused on M/M romance (with added mystery, fantasy, history, SciFi…) I also have a few Young Adult stories released under the pen name Kira Harp.

My first professionally published book, Life Lessons, came out from MLR Press in May 2011. My husband finally convinced me that after all that time writing, I really should submit something, somewhere. I was thrilled when it was accepted. I have a weakness for closeted cops with honest hearts, and teachers who speak their minds, and I had fun writing the four novels and three freebie short stories in the series. I’ve been just delighted by the reception Mac and Tony have received.

My first free book became the first story that I actually released – I put it up a month before Life Lessons just for the fun of getting it out there. Lies and Consequences began as a reaction to the November 2010 election. It looked like the repeal of DADT might be derailed by the political shift and I put the insanity of that law into the book. Then as I was finishing the first draft in mid-December the repeal passed. Which was great, but prompted a rewrite to a lighter and more action/romance book. This was a solo effort and I learned a lot from writing and releasing it and from the reviews. Check Smashwords for that one and many of my other freebies.

I now have a decent backlist in ebooks and print, both free and professionally published. A complete list with links can be found on my Books page. This writing thing is addictive. So read, comment, tell me what you like and what you don’t, and help me make the upcoming books even better. I have an author page on Goodreads where I do a lot of book reviews, and this blog is reposted there.

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