Trick of the Light, (Anti-Heroes #1) by Megan Derr



Trick of the Light by Megan Derr
Series: Anti-Heroes
Release Date: January 11, 2016
Pages: 66 • Format: eBook
Published By: Megan Derr
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Karl leads a quiet life—quieter than he wants, especially since getting into a fight with one of the most powerful men in the city—but it could be worse. In a city where super heroes and villains can level a city block in a moment, it’s a good day when nothing is destroyed, especially for the man who sells super hero insurance.

After yet another date stands him up, Karl heads home for another night spent reading with only his cats for company. But a strange sound at the bus stop leads him to a shocking discovery: Trick of the Light, a notorious villain in possession of an impossible power, and currently the intense focus of a man hunt by the Grand Order of Defenders.

But Karl has never had much respect for the Order and its arrogant, cavalier super heroes. Whatever the risks, he’d much rather spend the night helping a villain, especially since once Trick is well enough to move Karl will probably never see him again…



I have to tell y’all something. I have a serious crush on Megan Derr and the words she writes. I can’t begin to explain how much I enjoy her writing and how quickly I fall in love with her stories. This may be a semi-biased-crush-review but I don’t know any other way to do it. Sorry, folks.

So, this book. It’s fresh, it’s different and it is amazing. I am not the biggest super hero kind of fan, I know I know. I mean, I know about them and I have watched movies, shows, and seen comics but this story was a breath of fresh air among the standard hero, it’s all about the Anti-Hero and I love it. LOVE. IT.

“You should be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys, right?”

We meet Karl Ackeman, super hero insurance seller extraordinaire, as he is being stood up once again for a date. Karl has a reputation and once the face is put to the handle, his dates turn blind and he is left alone. This night though, as he waiting for the bus he hears sounds of distress and kinda becomes his own hero to well, a villain. Mmm Hmm… *nods*

I love the play on super heroes and villains in the story. The G.O.D. or the Grand Order of Defenders aren’t always the good guys because it’s the good guys like Karl who have to clean up their messes. But Trick of the Light isn’t one of the G.O.D, he stands for something else… and his presence is what makes me all kinds of giddy.

I honestly can’t contain my excitement and full on crush with this story. Karl was an amazing narrator, telling us about his collection of watches and how he runs his insurance business and how he is so over the G.O.D and how they destroy thing. But Karl, he’s got a kink for invisible men and it just so happens that Trick of the Light is indebted to him for saving his life and yeah… this was SO good.

I don’t’ want to spoil anything but I will tell you I highlighted the hell out of this story and it’s only 66 pages. I laughed, I swooned, I got turned on and I had a theory early on that totally turned out to be right and the smile on my face, the morning after I finished the book is still as wide and cheesy as it was when it happened.

This is a great set up for a series I am anxious to continue on with. I loved Trick of the Light, learning who he really is and how he became super. I loved Karl and every damn thing about him from his cats to his reaction to Trick.


Oh and I am possibly drunk as a butterfly in a hurricane waiting on the next book – Turncoat because OMG, TURNCOAT is amazing and I need more of this series. Like now. Kay?

About Megan Derr

Writing and reading are my life. I’m pretty equal opportunity, there is very little I do not like to read. But, I think it’s safe to say that romance and fantasy are my primary stomping grounds :3 I love writing slash, it works for me in a way that writing other things never did. Past that, I’m all over the board – fantasy, supernatural, contemporary, space operas, you name it.

Outside of those primary obsessions, I love cooking, baking, reading, movies & TV. I also enjoy harassing my five cats. I live in a beach town so I never again have to put up with snow.

If you need/want to reach me, email is your best bet (doesn’t matter which), but I’ll respond anywhere as long as I see it. I can be slow to reply to emails, fair warning. I get a lot of them and stuff gets buried fast. But I will eventually reply, and by all means harass me if I do not reply quickly enough.

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