Truth & Tenderness (Faith, Love, & Devotion #6) by Tere Michaels

Truth & Tenderness (Faith, Love, & Devotion #6)  by Tere MichaelsSeries: & Devotion, Faith, Love
on May 1st 2015
Pages: 200 pages
Newly promoted police captain Evan Cerelli takes command of his own precinct as Matt Haight’s security business begins to expand at a rapid rate. Both of their careers require more and more of their time—away from home and each other. When his most famous clients, Daisy and Bennett Ames, suffer a traumatic breakup, Matt is drawn into a dangerous and dramatic situation. With attentions diverted, Evan and Matt's tight-knit home life begins to unravel.

As Griffin Drake’s movie nears final edit, his thoughts turn toward building a home with his new fiancé, Jim Shea—and maybe even starting a family. Before he can think of a new family, Jim is caught up in his past. The possibility of putting Tripp Ingersoll in jail once and for all beckons, and Jim wants the closure that has long eluded him. As a new lead spurs him on, Jim begins to lose sight of the future by chasing an old ghost.

Both couples struggle to remember that "happily ever after" requires hard work, trust, and tender, open hearts.

This sixth book started off with the official ceremony of the newly promoted Captain Evan Cerelli. All the usual suspects were present including a pleasant Miranda with her boyfriend Kent. It was a festive event, but it quickly became evident that Evan’s new position would impinge on his boyfriend Matt Haight’s ability to be devote adequate time to his security business. The more Evan’s time and attention was required at his office, the more Evan reverts back to old habits off dumping on his home partner and assuming that Matt would just suspend whatever projects he was involved with. While Matt enjoyed taking care of the children, being taken for granted began to chafe and Matt wasn’t okay with his needs and wants getting relegated to the backburner.

Meanwhile Griffin Drake and Jim Shea were making preparations to get married and Griffin was finishing a movie when their best friend Daisy came running to them for comfort. Daisy and Bennett were having major relationship woes and Daisy need time to figure out what she wanted. Daisy brought her daughter to live with Griffin and Jim while that led to Matt is drawn into the Daisy-Bennett drama. When Matt leaves for LA work, but didn’t to return home or take Evan’s calls. While Matt is trying to deal with his resentment at Evan for taking him for granted, Evan and the kids are distraught because they are worried he won’t come back. Evan had to weigh his priorities and decide if it was even possible to balance the career he wanted with the family life he craved. Matt also had to assess what he was willing to sacrifice in order to be with Evan and the Cerelli children. That was the most emotional part of the book for me because it is clear Evan and Matt love each other so much. What I hated was that as soon as I got into Matt and Evan’s struggle for a balanced life, we got dragged back into the Jim, Griffin and Daisy show. It ruined the continuity of the emotional flow of the story.

I have never connected with Jim and Griffin, nor Daisy and Bennett. I was hoping the author would give them their own book so I could avoid them, but she keeps intertwining their story with Matt and Evan to my utter dismay. Evan and Matt are really all I care about, so to have Griffin, Jim, Daisy and Bennett monopolize this book with their drama really diminished my enjoyment. Matt and Evan are dealing with an issue many dual-income couples face as far as managing couple and family time with and respect of each other’s careers. I wanted the author to really delve more into how they were going to sacrifice to meet in at a comfortable median. Just as things progressed between Evan and Matt, the author cut to a commercial break (those other people). It was frustrating.

The Matt and Evan journey is always a 5-star for me. They are my favorite couple after Ty and Zane but I fear that I have reached my limit. I am not interested in continuing the series if the couples are intertwined like this again because I just don’t want to read about Jim & Griffin nor Daisy & Bennett. I have never cared for them and I won’t share Evan Cerelli and Matt Haight with them any longer.

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